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Onar, the ultimate Greek luxury spa brand

Defined by nature and led by science, inspired by Ancient Greek wellness rituals of the Minoan Palaces, the Homeric epics, and the Sages of Greece. Our formulations are developed by a team of experts in the cosmetics and wellness industry. Driven by scientific innovation, we proudly pioneer as the first brand to offer ancient Greek secrets in innovative, premium products and services exclusively crafted for the spa industry.
Our products are made with carefully selected, rare, and high-tech Greek ingredients that combine nature's wisdom and cosmetic technology to embody the ultimate beauty of Greek Kallos.

Onar / ὄναρ means dream, created by the combination of the words on /όν – existence – and ara/ άρά – wish and prayer – Onar encapsulates the thoughts, images, and feelings experienced when dreaming because every one of us exists and prays for a dream to come true.

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Discover dual-level body firmness

rodinon miron

Alpha series presents an exclusive scientific formulation aimed at achieving dual-level firmness through the utilization of a significant proportion of organic ingredients that naturally enhance skin firmness.

Firming & regeneration oil

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At Onar, research and development is always a priority as we strive to constantly innovate and challenge the current beauty standards.Our selection of innovative ingredients involves scientific research and testing on their effectiveness. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the transparency of the production process.

Sustainable &

Holistic, safe
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Clean, Organic
and High-tech

Our high-tech organic products are composed of 97% to 100% natural origin ingredients, focusing on the unique qualities of Greek nature. We use pure organic, ECOCERT/COSMOS-approved ingredients, and our formulations are enriched with unique, rare, and up-cycled raw materials.

Our products are designed to provide a complete and immersive experience, addressing all aspects of beauty and wellness for a truly holistic approach. Utilizing fresh raw materials, innovative plant extracts, and botanical blends, our products are pure, dermatologically tested, ideal for sensitive skin, cruelty-free, vegan, and environmentally friendly.

Our packaging choices reflect our commitment to sustainable beauty, protecting both people and the environment. We utilize Ecocert-certified airless packaging and recycled materials for a more eco-friendly approach. Our FST certification guarantees that our packaging is printed on materials sourced from managed forests, meeting stringent environmental, social, and economic standards.

Σύμβολον / Symbol

Onar's symbol is the sun, a vital force that sustains life on our planet and fills our days with radiant light, while its luminous rays reflect off the moon at night, bathing the world in a celestial glow. Similarly, Onar aims to illuminate the innate and physical beauty of your guests, leaving them feeling exquisitely unique and radiantly luminous.

Τήν Σελήνην παρά του Ήλίου τό φως λαμβάνειν / Like the moon that only shines with the sun's reflection, your clients will radiate brilliantly with our offerings. Let us illuminate their beauty and elevate your services with our personalized methodology and innovative solutions. Contact us today to learn more.