Wellness tourism the future of Greece

Wellness Tourism: The Future of Greece

According to the Global Wellness Institute's latest report, the global wellness economy is projected to experience robust growth, with an annual rate of 9.9% over the next five years (2020-2025). This growth rate surpasses the projected global economic growth of 7.3%, as stated by current IMF forecasts. Looking ahead, it is anticipated to continue its upward trajectory, reaching nearly $7.0 trillion by the year 2025. This indicates a significant and lucrative opportunity for the wellness tourism sector in Greece to thrive and capture a substantial share of the growing global wellness market. Over the next five years, most individual wellness sectors are expected to outpace GDP growth. Remarkably, the sectors with the highest growth projections, including wellness tourism, spas, and thermal/mineral springs, are the ones that experienced the most significant setbacks in 2020.

Unlocking Greece's Wellness Potential: A Path to Sustainable Growth

The Potential of Greece in Wellness Tourism

Greece was the first place on Earth where wellness was scientifically described since antiquity, as the best possible physical state of mind and body that man can acquire and maintain, according to Hippocrates. Despite Greece's rich potential for wellness tourism, there is a significant infrastructure gap in thermal spa facilities, with 850 thermal springs located throughout the country. Currently, only 30% of Greece's thermal springs have been developed into spa facilities, leaving considerable untapped potential in this sector. This lack of infrastructure restricts the capacity to meet the increasing demand for thermal spa experiences among tourists. Infrastructure can attract more tourists, create employment opportunities, and boost the local economy. Despite meeting all the requirements to be classified as a wellness country, Greece has not yet received the official designation of a "Wellness Country."

Rich Potential for Wellness Tourism

Greece possesses natural resources, cultural heritage, and a strong historical connection to wellness practices, making it an attractive destination for wellness tourists.

Growing Demand for Thermal Spa Experiences: There is a rising demand among tourists, especially the older target group, seeking natural healing and relaxation experiences through thermal spa services. The rich thermal wealth of Greece, boasting 850 thermal springs spread across the country, stands as a particular competitive advantage in attracting global travelers to wellness destinations.

Financial Support Program 2023

The Greek Government has taken steps to address this challenge. In the third quarter of 2023, they will launch a new financial support program through the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) called "Enhancing the Establishment and Operation of New Tourism Enterprises." This program will specifically target small and medium-sized businesses providing tourist services, including wellness establishments with a total budget of €150 million. We are also eagerly awaiting further announcements of additional funds in the near future. Investing in thermal spa infrastructure presents a significant opportunity to bridge the infrastructure gap. By doing so, Greece can capture a growing share of the wellness tourism market, especially from those seeking natural healing experiences.

Mykonos: Pioneering Travel Wellness and Sustainability

Mykonos Island is actively committed to promoting travel well-being and sustainability through the Sports Tourism & Sustainable Destinations Conference. This noteworthy gathering occurred on Saturday, September 23rd, bringing together policymakers, influential decision-makers, tourism industry visionaries, enterprising individuals, and thought leaders to deliberate on the future of tourism in Greece. Additionally, it aimed to explore the potential for Mykonos, a staunch advocate for Greece's tourism brand, to forge a course towards sustainable and eco-conscious tourism development.

This approach seeks to honor the region's rich history and distinctive character while providing personalized, unique, and top-tier travel experiences for visitors year-round. Among the confirmed speakers for the conference were prominent figures such as the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Greece, Sulaiman Humad Salem ALMazroui; the Mayor of Mykonos, Konstantinos Koukas; the Counselor of the SETE – Greek Tourism Confederation, Alexandros Thanos; the President of the Organizing Committee of the Mykonos Running Festival, Christina Karamichou; and the General Director of the Mykonos Running Festival, Dr. Drossos Christopoulos.

Distinguished professionals shed light on the vast potential for sports tourism development, including our partner Natalia Deligiorgi of Holistic Retreat, which organized a dynamic apotherapy session after the Mykonos Running Festival 2023. We had the pleasure of being a sponsor and indulging the participants with premium organic and sustainable Greek skin wellness products. Additionally, notable figures from the sports and wellness industry were present, such as Georgios Printezis, International Basketball Player; Alexandros Taxildaris, Paralympian and Physician; Popi Kalaitzi, Physician, Life Coach, and more. The conference delved into various topics, including the Blue Economy, infrastructure enhancement and accessibility, alternative forms of tourism as a means to extend the tourist season, and the promotion of local development.

Onar Wellness: Innovative spa solutions

Onar Wellness is a Greek company that provides innovative spa solutions, contributing significantly to the growth of wellness tourism in Greece. Our mission is to assist hotels in embracing wellness tourism and delivering an authentic and transformative experience to their guests. Our comprehensive methodology includes:

Analysis of Spa Requirements and Needs: We start by thoroughly assessing your spa's requirements and the needs of your target audience. Understanding your unique position and goals is crucial to crafting a tailored wellness strategy.

Development of a Personalized Plan: Based on our analysis, we develop a personalized plan that aligns with your hotel's vision and values. This plan integrates the rich wellness traditions inspired by Ancient Greece with the latest scientific innovations.

Training and Ongoing Support: We provide comprehensive training for your staff to ensure that they can deliver exceptional wellness experiences. Moreover, our support extends beyond the initial setup, offering continuous guidance to help your spa thrive and adapt to evolving wellness trends.

By partnering with Onar Wellness, Greek hotels can access the thriving wellness tourism market, attracting travelers and wellness enthusiasts in search of authentic experiences. Our mission is to rekindle Greece as the paramount destination for genuine wellness, deeply rooted in its historical heritage while driven by modern science and sustainability.

Don't hesitate to take the next step and connect with us or reach out directly to discover more about our unique and authentic wellness services. Let’s make Greece the first destination for wellness and deliver the "authenticity" of the well-being experience.

Join us on this journey towards a brighter future for wellness tourism in Greece.

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