Our Ethos is deeply rooted in the concept of "Kallos"

Greece was the first place on earth where Wellness was scientifically described since antiquity, as the best possible physical state of Mind & Body that man can acquire and maintain, according to Hippocrates. Today, on behalf of Greece, we claim the identity of the "authencity" of the wellbeing experience. The first Health Tourism Destinations of the west, the first spas of the wold, were the thermal springs of Ancient Greece, the Asklepiia, where Holistic Medicine for the treatments of soul, mind and body was applied and taught. Nowadays, the main approach of modern science is the Wellness of Greek Kallos.

Kallos had no gender in Ancient Greece and wasn’t confined to the external appearance either. It embraced both physical beauty and the virtues of the soul, representing the harmonious balance between the body, soul, and mind. Greeks knew how to pursue it through rituals that were offered as a symbol of hospitality, care and faith to the gods. This ancient wisdom recognised the therapeutic effects of self-care, which remain important in our lives today. At Onar, we aim a bespoke path to define and embody your 'Kallos' on a personalized journey of self-discovery and inner harmony inspired by ancient rituals and developed by the latest scientific innovation.

Speaking the language of the ultimate, ideal wellness - the one that radiates true balance of body, mind and soul.

Onar speaks a different language. It is the language of “Kallos” – the ultimate wellness you dream of –, built with the alphabet of skin wellness. Its vocabulary focuses on achieving true balance of body, mind and soul, since this is where beauty originates from; and its grammar consists of recipes that ideally combine ancient Greek knowledge, nature’s wisdom and modern cosmetic technology. This language requires no learning – it is a beauty and wellness experience you feel, through products and services purely organic, strictly sustainable, humanely created, truly luxurious, ever luminous.

ἐν οἴκω / about us

Our company is driven by a strong focus on scientific innovation and the aim of self-discovery. Our mission is to revolutionize the spa industry by offering the ultimate Greek wellness experience. Our offerings are carefully designed down to the very last detail, with a deep respect for nature, animals, the human body, soul, and mind. We prioritize the integration of the latest innovations and technologies, shaping our vision to transmit our groundbreaking wellness wisdom inspired by Ancient Greek rituals worldwide.

Meet Onar's key members


Doina Argatu

Doina Argatu, the founder of Onar Wellness, embarked on a transformative journey fueled by her passion for ancient Greek beauty. Inspired by Plato's philosophy and ideas, she set out to find a Greek brand that could deliver Ancient Greek secrets into innovative products. Unable to find such a brand during her business management studies, Doina envisioned a premium, high-end skincare brand dedicated to delivering "Kallos" the ultimate Greek beauty ideal from antiquity to eternity through innovation for self-discovery.

Before diving into the laboratory with her team of scientists, Doina diligently delved into the archives at the University of Archaeology of Greece, meticulously gathering valid data. As a member of esteemed non-profit organizations " Women Do Business "and with her entrepreneurial spirit supported by the Entrepreneurship Program - Startab in Greece, Doina assembled a team of scientists and professionals to launch Onar Skin Wellness.

Years of extensive research and data collection, coupled with cutting-edge cosmetics technology, culminated in the creation of innovative products and services. Onar Skin Wellness not only celebrates the Greek beauty ideal but also promises holistic experiences and visible results. Rooted in passion, expertise, and collaboration, Onar is poised to redefine the beauty industry and offer unparalleled experiences to its discerning customers.

Sofia, an expert with 25 years of experience, is a passionate traveler who explores Greece to analyze and continually discover the enduring herbs of the Greek land. Her extensive travels allow her to record the traditional recipes of Greek herbs, forming the basis for a valuable collection. Sofia's career began in 1995 in a pharmacy laboratory, where she prepared homeopathic remedies and crafted essential oils and phytotherapy preparations. To further enhance her expertise, she pursued studies at Dominion Herbal College, Oxford Learning College, and the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada.

For over twenty years, Sofia worked at Apivita, where she served as the Phytotherapy & Aromatherapy Trainer Manager. In this role, she was responsible for organizing, creating materials, and implementing the Aromatherapy-Botany Academy. At Onar, Sofia has developed special botanical blends based on ancient Greek recipes, aiming to provide the most valuable rituals and experiences. Her wealth of knowledge and dedication to preserving traditional practices make her an invaluable asset to the Onar team.

Botanist expert & external partnership

Sofia Triantou

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True beauty always comes from within. Keeping the connection between mind, body, and soul in perfect harmony won’t just make your skin glow; it will reveal your radiant inner self. This is ‘Kallos’, the ultimate beauty, and the utmost value of Onar on the journey of self-discovery.

— Doina Argatu

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