Premium, Organic Series

Discover our premium, organic series where nature's creations seamlessly intertwine with cutting-edge scientific innovation, delivering visible results and promoting the ultimate wellness experience.

The alphabet of Greek wellness


The science of well-being

We invite you to savor tailor-made therapies inspired by the heritage and wellness rituals of Ancient Greece, all set against a unique backdrop of unparalleled luxury and total well-being. Our aim? To rebalance and refresh your being, from the inside out.

With a commitment to holistic care, our exceptional experiences include signature treatments, rejuvenating therapies, and sensory journeys that immerse you in a truly authentic and unforgettable adventure.

Signature Rituals

Experience unique spa rituals inspired by the beauty rituals of the Greeks since antiquity. Our exclusive treatment incorporates scientific innovation, promoting authentic well-being experiences of the body, soul, and mind.

Exiléosi, the luxurious ritual, blends myrrh, spring flowers, and roses with high-end organic exfoliation and drainage massage techniques. It promises miraculous body firming and lifting with visible results, drawing inspiration from authentic Aphrodite's rituals documented in historical archives.

This exclusive ritual features the priceless Lily flower, a gift from Hercules's mother, Hera, promoting skin cell renewal and hydration. Based on ancient Greek techniques, this head-to-toe treatment invites you to rediscover your inner serenity and poise. Enjoy a soft body buffing, warm compresses, gentle massage, and a heavenly face, neck & scalp treatment, leaving your body super glossy and nourished.


Enérgeia signature ritual inspired by ancient Greek energy wisdom promises a metamorphic experience. This exclusive treatment blends Greek herbs, active olive, oat, and kistos oil for gentle exfoliation. A specialized muscle release massage re-energizes, relieves tension, and enhances the present moment.

Personalized massage experiences

The óneiro massage will guide your senses into a state of great tranquility, providing a deeply sedating experience.


Experience the melodía massage, where slimming rhythmic strokes and targeted touches work in harmony to promote increased blood flow, flush out toxins, and stimulate skin collagen production. Designed to release tension and melt away discomfort.


Eveksía massage offers an metamorphic experience that will leave you feeling completely relaxed, rejuvenated, and renewed.

Body Wellness

The ultimate body exfoliation treatments invigorate the skin, enhance texture, and promote a radiant glow.

A blend of Greek oils such as dittany and helichrysum, and mineral perlites deeply cleanses, detoxifies the skin all over the body. Two different layers of moisturizer containing poppy seeds stimulate and tighten the epidermis while activating the microcirculation of the skin and the lipolysis process.


Enidátosi, a blend of natural loofah and osmolyte Betaine, a key component of the natural skin moisturising agent, takes care of the necessary moisture for the cells. Working in harmony with the enriching properties of jojoba, this bespoke treatment invigorates the skin, enhancing texture and promoting a radiant glow.


The most ancient Greek technique of skin preparation before a massage or activity. A botanical powder slightly covers the body while a full body brushing and warm compresses gently remove surface cells. A rich, energizing oil completes this unique experience while its aroma helps boost mood and mental clarity.

Personalized methodology

Analysis of Spa Requirements and Needs

Development of a Personalized Treatment Plan

Training and Ongoing Support

Embrace the essence of Ònar to integrate a personalized methodology that guarantees unique experiences of Kallos, leading to profound self-discovery. Our approach focuses on restoring and balancing the entire being, nurturing inner and outer well-being in harmony.

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