Our Mission

Our company is driven by a strong focus on scientific innovation and the aim of self-discovery. Our mission is to revolutionize the spa industry by offering the ultimate Greek wellness experience. We prioritize the integration of the latest cosmetic innovations and technologies, shaping our vision to transmit our groundbreaking wellness wisdom inspired by Ancient Greek recipes worldwide.

Inspired by Ancient

Greek wellness rituals


At Onar, research and development is always a priority as we strive to constantly innovate and challenge the current beauty standards.We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the transparency of the production process.

Sustainable &

Holistic, safe
and effective

Clean, Organic
and High-tech

Our high-tech organic products are composed of 97% to 100% natural origin ingredients, focusing on the unique qualities of Greek nature. We use pure organic, ECOCERT/COSMOS-approved ingredients with unique, rare, and up-cycled raw materials.

Our products are designed to provide a complete and immersive experience, addressing all aspects of wellness for a truly holistic approach for visible results. Dermatologically tested, ideal for sensitive skin, cruelty-free, vegan, and environmentally friendly.

Our packaging choices reflect our commitment to sustainability protecting our formulations, people and the environment. We utilise Ecocert-certified airless packaging, and biophotonic glass. FSC certification guarantees that our packaging is printed on materials sourced from managed forests.

Greece has a majestic heritage when it comes to natural resources. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), it has 6,000 plant species, of which about 600 are aromatic and can be used in cosmetics. Onar Wellness seeks to honor and elevate it by searching for the most abundant, distinctive, and purest hand-picked ingredients that the Greek land has to offer. Harnessing the power of Greek nature and supporting local fair trade, we source many of our ingredients ethically from Greek farmers, while our products are manufactured exclusively in Greece, thus meeting the rigorous EU regulations and embracing strong eco-values.

Αρεταί / Virtues


Made in Greece

Embracing excellence as our standard, we have cultivated a commitment to high-quality. Through collaborations with numerous Greek farmers across the country, we gather the purest Greek heritage to present truly luxurious products and services. We proudly support various Greek organizations in their growth. Our offerings feature handpicked ingredients and exclusively designed, handmade items crafted with care in Greece. We consistently seek collaborations with top-tier producers to bolster the Greek economy.

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